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ALOE - Rebirth of The Old Ones
Deva Bryson Winblood and Jeremy "Greenedr00l" Greene

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       ALOE is the sequel to RTS - Harvest of Souls and the first module to be designed based upon the RTSA - Scripting Package.    ALOE will use extensive amounts of scripts, conversations, items, etc. that do not come with the RTSA Scripting Package.     This will be a shining example of what can be done with that package and a lot of extra work.

      ALOE will use quite a number of hak packs.  These hak packs add atmosphere and are purely in the form of placeables, creatures, some clothing, and some item haks.   This module is being 100% focused on to make it the single most exciting NWN module made to the time of its release.   We fully expect it to be immensely popular and infinitely replayable.

At this time many of the portions of what we are doing with this module will be kept secret.

However, if you take Harvest of Souls and add anything you wished would have been in it then there is a good chance it will be in ALOE.   ALOE stands for A Little Of Everything.

ALOE will have 10 teams
Numerous guilds
Numerous NPC factions that move about the world and react to changing events
3 different major plots (only 1 active per game)
Multiple random plots
Resources: Mana, Ore, Wood, Food, Souls, Gold, Some teams must dominate trees and protect them



            Most undead units are created from the corpses of creatures.  The corpses of more powerful creatures will allow the creation of more powerful undead.  36 units are available to the undead.

Skeleton      Skeleton Warrior             Skeleton Chieftain

Skeleton Mage

Skeleton Priest                                                          Lich

Gravedigger      Servant of the Dark Circle       Necromancer

Zombie        Zombie Warrior     Zombie Lord

Ghoul          Ghast

Ghoul Lord           Ghoul Ravager

Allip            Wraith         Spectre


Mummy       Greater Mummy              Mummy Lord

Warrior Mummy

Bone Golem

Lesser Vampire     Vampire       Vampire Mage       Master Vampire

Vampire Priest

Vampire Rogue

Vampire Warrior

Doom Knight         Doom Knight Commander


Necromancer's Lackey



            Fiendish units are called to the Battle Realms to obtain souls.  The power of this faction is heavily based on how many souls they can obtain.  For each soul condemned to the soul cage, the fiends get a bonus point of mana per hour.  Also, creatures may be killed on the Altar of Sacrifice for an additional 10 mana.  28 units are available to the fiends.

Apocalypse Prophet

Imp             Diabolist

Hell Hound            Abishai White

Abishai Black

Abishai Blue

Supplicant                                Abishai Red          Doom Savant


Pit Fiend

Priest of the Black Sun

Quasit          Summoner

Succubus    The Hand of Blood

Half Fiend Lord     Half Fiend Warrior          Vrock


Marilith        Blackguard

Balor           Balor Lord

Tiefling Footpad             Tiefling Rogue       Tiefling Assassin



            The strength of the demi-human faction lies in stealth and misdirection.  Through powers of illusion and trickery, this faction is able to obtain resources directly from the stockpiles of the other factions.  25 units are available to the demi-humans.

Gnomish Man        Miner

Scout          Tracker        Pathfinder    Ranger

Gnomish Woman  Herbalist

Trickster      Phantasmist Apparitionist          Illusionist

Halfling Man          Woodcutter

Rogue         Robber        Burglar        Thief

Halfling Woman     Bowyer


Acolyte        Priestess      Matriarch     High Priestess



            At one with nature, the elves can produce wood and ore from mana instead of harvesting it.  23 units are available to the elves.

Elven Man             Stonecaller

Apprentice   Wizard        Mage           Archmage

Mage-smith           Baelnorn

Acolyte        Priest           High Priest

Half-Celestial Warrior      Lord

Elven Woman        Woodshaper                   Bowyer

Protector     Defender      Warder        Guardian

Guide          Leafwalker             Skychaser



            The dwarves are masters of productivity, and all members of this faction produce gold.  23 units are available to the dwarves.

Dwarven Worker   Armorer




Dwarven Militia      Engineer      Shadowdelver        Nightstalker

Warrior        Veteran        Hero  Champion    Lord

Divine Wrath         Divine Fury

Acolyte        Priest           Patriarch                High Priest

Skirmisher   Crossbowman       Sharpshooter



            33 units are available to the humans.

Female Commoner


Archer         Markswoman         Arcane Archer

Gifted One   Sorceress    Witch          Servant of the Inner Flame

Servant of the Balance     Lawreader    Lawgiver      Voice of Justice


Male Commoner

Disciple       Master         Mst.Winds   Mst.Dragons         Gr.Mst.


Militia Pikeman       Squire          Knight         Prince                   King


Entertainer   Storyteller    Performer    Bard




            Unable to master the discipline needed to control the natural mana pools, the shaman of the humanoids channel the power of destruction to gain mana.  They gain mana for every creature killed by a member of their faction or by a freelancer linked to their faction.  33 units are available to the humanoids.

Goblin                   Goblin Warrior      Goblin Elite

Worg           Goblin Shaman               Goblin Chieftain

Goblin Worg Rider

Orc             Orc Champion       Orc Chieftain

Orc Shaman

Hobgoblin   Hobgoblin Shaman

Gnoll           Gnoll Shaman

Bugbear       Bugbear Hero        Bugbear Chieftain

Bugbear Shaman   

Ogre            Ogre Berserker      Ogre Chieftain

Ogre Mage   Ogre High Mage

Troll            Troll Berserker

Troll Shaman        

Troll Chieftain


Hill Giant

Frost Giant

Fire Giant

Mountain Giant


Spider Cult

            The spider cult specializes in growing powerful units from very small ones, requiring almost nothing but time in order to grow powerful.  As the spiders grow to larger sizes, however, they require cocooned bodies to feed on.  40 units are available to the Spider Cult.

Spider Cultist        Drow Rogue                   Drow Assassin

Drow Militia Drow Weaponmaster

Drow Mage

Drow Priestess      Drow High Priestess        Drow Matron

Aranea                            Skull Creeper


Drider          Drider Warlord

Drider Sorcerer

Hatchling     Sm.    Md.   Lg.     Hg.

Queen Spider

Sm. Dire      Md.   Lg.     Hg.    Gn.    Cl.

Sm. Phase   Md.   Lg.     Hg.

Sm. Sword  Md.   Lg.     Hg.    Gn.

Sm. Wraith  Md.   Lg.     Hg.



            The Sylvan faction grows more powerful as they spread their influence through the forests of the Battle Realm.  Each tree consecrated to them allows them to create more units.  22 units are available to the sylvans.

Centaur Female      Centaur Druid        Centaur Heirophant

Blink Dog              Treant

Centaur Witch

Centaur Male         Centaur Craftsman

Centaur Warrior     Centaur Chieftain

Goatman      Goatman Warrior            Goatman Chieftain

Goatman Sorcerer

Giant Goatman







Faerie Dragon



            The reptile factionís units automatically heal when close to water.  The reptiles have 45 units available to hire.

Kobold        Kobold Thug         Kobold Chieftain

Kobold Footpad

Kobold Healer

Kobold Shaman

Black Dragon Wyrmling  Adult           Old    Ancient

Half-Dragon Sorcerer

Bronze Dragon Wyrmling          Adult Old    Ancient

Half-Dragon Cleric

Lizardfolk    Lizardfolk Warrior           Lizardfolk Chieftain

Lizardfolk Shaman          Lizardfolk Doomcaller

Red Slaad                       Gray Slaad   Gray Slaad Lord

Blue Slaad                       Death Slaad Death Slaad Lord

Green Slaad

Yuan-ti        Yuan-ti Priest

Yuan-ti Sorcerer

Black Snake          Large Black Snake           Giant Black Snake

Brown Snake         Large Brown Snake         Giant Brown Snake

Green Snake                   Large Green Snake Giant Green Snake

Asabi Warrior        Asabi Chieftain

Asabi Shaman




            UND    FND    DEM    ELF     DWF   HMS    HMD   SPD     SYL     REP

UND    100      75        0          0          25        25        50        50        40        60

FND    75        100      0          0          25        25        50        50        40        60

DEM    0          0          100      75        50        50        25        25        60        40

ELF     0          0          75        100      50        50        25        25        60        40

DWF   25        25        50        50        100      75        0          0          50        50

HMS    25        25        50        50        75        100      0          0          50        50

HMD   50        50        25        25        0          0          100      75        40        60

SPD     50        50        25        25        0          0          75        100      40        60

SYL     40        40        60        60        50        50        40        40        100      75

REP     60        60        40        40        50        50        60        60        75        100