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Through the auspices of an organization of seniors in the Lake City community named The Jubileers, this page offers information that may be of interest to all residents as well as visitors. You are encouraged to participate in as well as utilize these resources. Some of this information and funding to provide it was obtained at the Senior Wellness Conference sponsored by the Colorado Trust and held in Glenwood Springs June 13-17, 1999. To participate in the next Senior Wellness Conference, contact Durell Thompson, 944-2822.

Lake City and Hinsdale County Organizations and Resources

Medical/Health/Emergency/Social Services

Community Planning & Governing
(Some of these are appointed but unpaid positions)

Volunteer Organizations/Opportunities

Social/Educational Opportunities

Recreational Opportunities


Youth Activities/Outdoor Education


Internet Access
There are several internet service providers (ISP) in our area and their phone numbers and rates and services are as follows: (800)835-2638 as low as $5.95/month 944-0214 641-3702 641-0555

It is also possible to obtain free e-mail anywhere in the U.S. via the following sites:

Web Sites of Special Interest to Seniors for you to check out

General information