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Web Page Questionnaire

This page is designed to permit you to answer some simple questions that will enable us to better quote you the cost of designing your web page.   The questions will be short and to the point but, in the situation where there may need to be a more detailed explanation for those of you new to the web page business a link will be supplied that will take you to an additional page to explain the topic of that particular question.


First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Day Time Phone:
Night Time Phone:
FAX Number:
Email Address:




Type of Page:
What are these things?






How can we do it?











Do you want these?



How many pages?














What's your style?



Are we allowed to?

Check all the following elements you want on your web page:
Pictures    Thumbnails for Pictures  MIDI music
Email Forms  Rollover effects Multi-browser pages
Frames  Non-Frames Custom art
Custom MIDI Music  Shockwave Flash
JAVASCRIPT  JAVA  Custom CGI programming
Shopping Cart  Guest book  Hit Counters
Detail traffic statistics and reporting 
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)  Chat Room
Information Forum  MPEG-1&2 Videos
Real Video or Real Audio files  Streaming Data
Custom photo touch up, scanning, digital photography
ACTIVEX Active Server Pages  Own Domain Name

What methods do you want us to quote you on?  We can look into methods from FREE to FEE BASED to accomplish your page and will explain the pros and cons of each. Check all that apply. NOTE: Free methods usually have some form of advertising which can be from very minor and up.  These fees apply only to hosting your page and providing content such as secure socket layer (SSL) and streaming content.  Any fees for our services will be provided in the quote.  You will be given a break down on where these fees are going.  These fees are not placed by our business but, rather other businesses we work with to provide you any web presence you may like.
Free - anything that suits my needs
Free - as long as it has very minor advertising
Up to $10 (U.S.) per month fees
Up to $20 (U.S.) per month fees
Up to $30 (U.S.) per month fees
Up to $50 (U.S.) per month fees
Up to $100 (U.S.) per month fees
Higher if need be as long as it is justifiable

Which of the following types of pages do you think you will want for your web page?  Check all that apply to your situation.
General Information Page Contact Information Page
Online Catalog  Picture Page Video Page
Online Order Form  Links Page

Our quote will be based primarily on the overall number of pages we need to develop for your web site.  For terms of our quote a page is a screen up to two 800x600 screens in height.  800x600 is the most common setting now so, we will quote on screens that can be scrolled up to double the screen height.  Therefore, if you had a screen that was scrolled 3 screens in height this would count as two pages.  Our rates are very competitive and are largely based on the number of pages.  NOW: Look at the question you answered above and give us the best estimate you can for the number of pages you want.
Number of Pages: *

Do you need maintenance to update these pages?  It is a given that pages that frequently change their content tend to get more repeat traffic.  We can provide you with a quote to update these pages.  Please answer these questions if you want a quote on maintaining and updating your site after it is created.

Check search engines and resubmit as needed
Change of a small amount of text (100 words max)
Change of a medium amount of text (500 words max)
Change of a large amount of text (more than 500 words)
Change of some pictures
Research to create content to create traffic
Change some of the other content (MIDI, Forms, etc.)
Create and change Videos (MPEG & REAL VIDEO)
Possibly change the entire web site with the update
Prepare a detailed report of traffic and effectiveness of site

How would you like your web page to be designed?

If you have a sample web page you would like us to see that is along the lines of what you are looking for please provide the URL below.

There are some things we may be able to do on your web page that will be very unobtrusive and could A) produce more traffic for you and B) provide some revenue to us if they are successful.  Some of these are known as affiliate programs.  If we are permitted to use any of these on your site our quote may be reduced depending on the effectiveness we receive utilizing affiliate programs.  This translates to a situation where you may not owe us any monthly fees for maintenance if the affiliate programs produce an amount sufficient to cover those fees.  As stated these programs will always be implemented in such a way as to enhance your sites' appearance and usefulness and will in no way detract from the presentation.  You may ask us to remove them at any time.  Please check any of the following that you do not mind us placing on your web site or using for your site.
Web Rings - Can we join you to free traffic sharing web rings?
Affiliates - Text links are okay if limited in appearance
Affiliates - Small button adds are okay if they enhance the site
Affiliates - A single banner at the bottom is okay
Affiliates - A single embedded banner somewhere inside of text is acceptable


Thank you for filling out the form.  The information you supplied will be used to provide you with a detailed quote.  This quote will be as accurate as possible based on the information you provided.  In addition, we fully expect there to be changes and other ideas generated between your people and ours before the web site solidifies into a working page.  Feel free to dream up ideas and we will be happy to bring them to reality.