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What do I need to know about owning my own web page?
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Email Address:
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Phone number:   Country:
How did you find us?:
How would you classify your knowledge?:
ABOUT YOUR WEB PAGE (used to determine quote):
What format of web site would you like?:
Do you want a domain name?:    Do you need an existing name redirected?:
Do you want to use as many FREE and Low Cost alternatives as possible?:
CHECK ANY OF THESE FEATURES YOU NEED: (check them only if you are sure)
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - encryption for credit card and confidential transactions
Shopping Cart system - allowing adding of items then all at once check out
Database integration - custom programming to interface for online database operation
Video - online video
Guest book    Chat Room  Forum or BBS  Mailing Lists
Membership login
Front Page Extensions   Custom graphics done by a graphics artist outside our company
Cold Fusion Extensions
No bandwidth restrictions
Backup backbones and systems
Minimum bandwidth requirements:
Do not check any of the above unless you are 100% certain you need them otherwise, we can determine if you need them after the initial quote when we discuss the actual page.
Most sites start with at LEAST an INDEX page which is the first page loaded when the site is accessed.  It is assumed that your site will have at least one page which is the INDEX page.
Contact information page         Order or Information form screen
Thank you screen (for orders)  Links page - with links to other sites of interest
In addition to the above pages you selected (including the INDEX) how many additional screens will you need.  Estimate as closely as you can if you want the most realistic quote.
Number of additional pages/screens needed:
Please briefly describe what you plan on doing with this site.

You will automatically be submitted to the top 10 search engines and a few others but, if you would like additional marketing techniques used here then select them and they will be included in the quote.
Submit my site to 100s of search engines
Progressive marketing (observe, improve, and resubmit to improve rankings and hits)
Join with relevant web rings to generate traffic
Use banner click through advertising to generate more traffic
Use an email marketing scheme
What type of maintenance options will you need?:





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