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The Two-Way Satellite internet revolution is here.   In remote places such as Lake City, Colorado you will find that you live in a region that is likely to be one of the last places to get high speed internet such as Cable, DSL, etc.  Well, now Pegasus Express is available ANYWHERE that you can get Satellite TV such as DirectTV.   On this web page we will give you the complete run down as provided by Pegasus Express and then we will also present some things to keep in mind that can help in any decision making process for High Speed internet access.

Click HERE for the official flyer on Pegasus Express

If you currently have access in Lake City you are likely paying $19.95/Month for Internet
If you are a frequent user you likely have a second phone line just for internet $20/Month.
You are currently paying $39.95 for at best 50Kbps connection (averaging much less).

Pegasus Express offers up to 400Kbps connections!!  It is always on.   No phone line is
needed other than in the initial setup.  For this use we can use your existing phone line to make
the necessary setup phone calls.


Once you have Pegasus Express you will no longer need your old Internet Provider.  However, if
you were using you Internet Provider for email such as youremail@PCRS.NET,,
,, or, you will no longer have that email address unless they agree to continue hosting email for you even though you will no longer be using them for a provider.

Fortunately you can get free email addresses at many sites that are not dependant on ANY ISP and can be accessed anywhere that you can access the web.  This is something that most people who spend a significant amount of time on the web should have as backup anyway.

System Specialties will help you answer this and all other questions.  We are partnered with Future Wave Computer Solutions to provide all the computer expertise needed for computer related issues.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or receiving more information from us on this then click HERE and fill out our quick online request form.