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Please help us gather information about current use of telecommunications in the Lake City area of Hinsdale County.  With your input the community can work for the better voice and data connections.  This information will be compiled into an overall report; your personal information will not be released.

If you wish to know more before filling out the form click here.

YOUR GENERAL INFORMATION: Please report for both your personal and business use

Email Address:
Street Address (in Lake City):
PO Box (in Lake City):
Business Name (if reporting for a business):
Business Email Address:
Business Web Page URL:
Business Street Address:
Business Phone:
Business Fax:    

If you have a winter address
City, State, Zip:


How many phone/data lines do you currently have?:
Leased Lines: What speed are the leased lines:

Do you want/need or plan on additional lines: 
           If so, how many:

Do you have a credit card machine: 
Do you have an active cell phone you would like to use in Lake City: 
Do you have a satellite modem connection:

Present internet use:
     How many dial up modems computers using internet:
     How many accounts/email addresses:
     Do you have a Web site:
          If so, do you take orders via the web:
     At what modem speed are you connecting:
          At what speed do you normally connect (if known):
     If your usage is seasonal please indicate the months in which you connect:
                    (choose as many as appropriate):
     On average how much time are you actually connected (on line):
          Per day: Per week: Per month:
     Do you have a dedicated full time internet connection:
          What speed is the dedicated line:

What are your average telecommunication costs per month
     Voice Total (including long distance):
     Modem/internet total (including any long distance charges):
     Leased line costs per month:

Have you been impacted by "all circuits are busy" messages:
Please tell us about the impact:

Do you foresee needing future telecommunications for:

     General internet access:
          If you do not now access the internet do you plan to do so:
     Teleconferencing/video conferencing:
     Data backup:
     Multimedia file transfer:
     Audio/video on demand (movies, music, interactive games):
     Distance learning:
     If yes please explain:

Do you plan to have a web page or additional web pages in the future:

Would you be interested in local web hosting if there was a server in Lake City:

If higher speed/greater bandwidth (256K, about 4-5 times faster than 56K modem) connections were available how much more than you are paying now for access would you be willing to pay:

Would you be interested in having phone and data over one link/connection:
Select any of these payments you would be willing to pay for this:

Would you like to receive further mailings on this matter to your address above:
    If yes, contact me at:

Would you be willing to work on this local telecommunications group: