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The latest slew of rumors


 I decided I would look into the latest group of rumors running around town.

#1 - During the police search on Ray Jay's house they held a baby at gun point.

#2 - Mary Crow's door lock was picked by the cops and her house searched when she was in the hospital.



I am going to talk to Ray Jay and will put his words here if he gives me permission to do so.  You see he is my neighbor.   However, I will say this much now for the record.   I talked to Ray Jay yesterday and he indicated that the only thing he was mad about was the fact the newspaper makes him out to be a hardcore drug user when all he uses is Marijuana.  He mentioned that he showed them his tray, bong, etc. when they first came in the door and was very cooperative.  At no point did he mention guns to me other than saying that the officers found an unregistered firearm in his father's room.  It seems that if the officers were as brutal as the rumors going around town would suggest he would be complaining about it.  He informed me he had been invited to the meeting several times and was unsure as to whether he would go or not.  After talking to me for a bit he was leaning more towards going.  FOR THE RECORD: The sheriff's office provides the information on crimes to the Silver World newspaper and they in turn write up that section.  They are going to occasionally in that section make you think they are labeling you as a hardcore drug user.  I am sure the reporters of the Silver World did not intend to infer this.  However, it does take the blame of how things are worded in that report from off of the sheriff's office shoulders.  I have not seen Ray Jay yet to tell him of these findings - 07/24/2000  4:54pm  - Deva Winblood

Okay, I came back from Ray Jay's a few minutes ago and have the full scoop on this rumor.  In addition, Ray Jay and Melissa have stated they will give me some type of statement to put on this web page soon.

When the officers came in they did a sweep of the room with their gun and the child was on the couch about eight feet from them.  Vicky asked the officers not to point their gun at her baby.  She did state they did not point the gun at the child again and it was not directly pointed at the child but, rather was just part of the initial sweep.  In addition, they did check the entire house with guns but, put them away after they had determined the level of safety.  Apparently, they had good reasons for Ray Jay's father who is a felon per Ray Jay's own words had an unregistered firearm per Ray Jay's statement.   In fact after speaking with Ray Jay he has indicated that the police just did their job, and his primary complaint was with how things were worded in the Silver World.

I have informed him that I only want to see facts and as long as he gives me the truth I will place whatever he or anyone else wants on this page.  He said that he and Melissa intend to give me something that she has written.

He did say that "fruity" is the person that began this rumor.   This rumor is directly SQUASHED from the location it supposedly took place at. - 7/24/2000 8:00pm  Deva Winblood


The day this supposedly happened the officers and many volunteers from town were in the process of extracting bodies from a plane crash by Crown Peak which had been there since November.  This took most of the day.   The officers do not need to pick locks.  They can get a search warrant if they have probable cause.  Up to this point there has been one house entered without a search warrant though it was entered within the constraints of the law.  That was Erica Mallory's house.  A report had come of someone in the area acting disorderly/drunk or otherwise. Deputy Whited investigated and not finding anyone in the area noticed the cabin door was open.  He shouted several times and received no answer.  By policy they must enter a residence in this case in case the resident has been harmed or in case a trespasser is inside.  In this case he was looking for someone.  I can relate to the anger that Erica has about one thing.  After this officer Whited supposedly never told Erica he was there.  She had to hear it from other people.  He also failed to tell her when she saw him in person at the lumberyard.   Officer Whited did his job.  However, he was not polite or considerate in informing Erica he had done so.  This is not a crime on Deputy Whited's part only a public relations mistake.  Out of all the complaints that people have made the only GENUINE one I have seen to date is this one.  Erica should have been given the courtesy and told.  However, this does not warrant the fire against the cops though an apology to Erica from Deputy Whited is probably appropriate.  I find this claim of a picked lock and a house searched to be highly dubious and unlikely.  Again I ask for EVIDENCE.  The sheriff's office is required to provide evidence for convictions, therefore why should those currently attacking the actions of the office be required to do any less? - 07/24/2000 5:02pm Deva Winblood.

Ray Jay gave me some more information on what was said about this at the Mountaineer Theater.  Supposedly, Walley Hayes indicated he had seen Deputy Whited enter the residence and emerge a short time later.  Walley claimed to have waved to the deputy as well.   I have been unable at this time to confirm or dispute any of this particular rumor. - 07/24/2000 8:02pm Deva Winblood