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About the Hinsdale County Sheriff's Office

Dissatisfaction and Support

This page is designed to be used as a clearing house of information for the people that are dissatisfied with the Sheriff's Office and those that support it to post their issues and information.

WARNING: If your arguments and concerns are not based on fact with no supporting evidence then it is likely someone will post a rebuttal to your information.  This goes for those supporting and those against.

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Be sure to read letters published in the Silver World as well for other than my own they will not be published here.

Deva's Words 7/22/2000 This was information from Deva Winblood prior to the 7/23/2000 Mountaineer Theater Meeting.
Deva's Letter Silver World This is the letter Deva Winblood gave to Grant with the Silver World Newspaper.
Latest Rumors Well, there are some interesting rumors around town here is my take so far.


U.S. Constitution All you need to know about the United States of America Constitution online.  Also
Colorado State Government Colorado's home page.
Colorado State Const. Colorado State Constitution
Colorado Revised Statutes Colorado Legislation - Revised Statutes

Here are some relevant statutes I have been able to find.  I marked them to maybe save you some time.  As you can see I am doing the research that it seems other people are not.

30-10-501.5 Qualifications of a Sheriff
30-10-501.6 Training of a Sheriff
30-10-502 Form of Bond for a Sheriff... NOTE: the section without fraud, deceit, or oppression.  Are we trying to oppress the sheriff?
30-10-503 Sheriff Assumes his duties when...
30-10-504 Undersheriff - duties - vacancy    (note: at the pleasure of the sheriff)
30-10-505 Vacancy of office - powers of undersheriff  (take heed people)
30-10-506 Deputies - liability of sheriff   (again IMPORTANT take heed people)
30-10-510 Appointment and revocation   (regarding sheriff firing undersheriff or deputies)
30-10-516 Sheriff's to preserve peace - command aid
30-10-522 Actions against sheriff - sureties liable, when  (better be very sure or the sheriff can take you to court for slander or other unproven charges leveled at him.  That's how I read this one anyway)
30-10-112 Officer to act until successor qualifies  (like I said it will get worse if the recall goes through)
1-12-119 Canvass of Votes - (recall issues)
31-4-502 Procedure - Petition - Signatures (for recall, I hope those who signed the petition know what they were getting into.  The adolescents that signed it at the meeting do not count.)
31-4-503 Petition in sections - signing - affidavit - review - tampering with petition
1-12-120 Cost of recall election (if it fails it will cost the citizens money)
1-12-108 Petition requirements (did you get the designated official to approve your petition?)
31-4-504.5 Incumbent not recalled - reimbursement
1-12-104 Signatures required for state and county officers (you need more than I thought)
1-12-103 Petition for recall
1-12-118 Election of successor
31-4-501 Officers subject to recall
1-12-107 Designated election officials
1-12-116 Sufficiency of recall
Article IV U.S. Constitution Search and Seizure
18-1-402 Presumption of innocence
18-1-406 Right to Jury Trial
18-1-603 COMPLICITY  (tell me this does not happen in Lake City.)
18-1-701 Execution of public duty  (is this not what our Sheriff's officers have been doing?)
18-2-101 Criminal Attempt
18-2-201 Conspiracy  (I bet you didn't realize this happens in Lake City too.)
18-2-301 Criminal Solicitation
18-3-410 Medical Exception
18-4-401 Theft
18-4-403 Statutory Intent
18-4-404 Obtaining control over any stolen thing of value
18-4-407 Questioning a person suspected of theft without liability
18-4-410 Theft by receiving
18-4-501 Criminal Mischief
18-4-506 Second degree criminal tampering
18-4-701 Theft of cable service
18-5-102 Forgery
18-5-116 Controlled Substances - inducing consumption by fraudulent means (ever heard someone say that they should dose Ed Owens? Well, guess what if you did it is a crime)
18-5-205 Fraud by check - definitions - penalties
18-5-401 Commercial bribery and breach of duty to act disinterestedly
18-5-512 Issuance of bad check
18-6-501 Adultery
18-6-601 Harboring a minor
18-6-701 Contributing to the delinquency of a minor (happens a lot here and other towns)
18-6-801 Domestic Violence - sentencing
18-6-803.6 Duties of peace officers and prosecuting agencies - preservation of evidence
18-7-102 Obscenity (ha at least you don't see this one prosecuted often... and you say Gestapo)
18-7-208 Promoting sexual immorality
18-7-301 Public Indecency
18-7-302 Indecent exposure
18-7-407 Criminality of conduct (pleading did not know child was under eighteen)
18-8-102 Obstructing government operations
18-8-103 Resisting arrest
18-8-104 Obstructing a peace officer, firefighter, emergency medical services provider, rescue specialist, or volunteer
18-8-105 Accessory to crime
18-8-106 Refusal to permit inspections
18-8-107 Refusing to aid a peace officer  (this does happen too)
18-8-108 Compounding  (I don't know if this is happening at all or not)
18-8-111 False reporting to authorities
18-8-115 Duty to report a crime - liability for disclosure
18-8-201 Aiding escape
18-8-205 Aiding escape from civil process
18-8-303 Compensation for past official behavior
18-8-306 Attempt to influence a public servant (is this going on right now?)
18-8-404 First degree official misconduct (this is what our officers would be doing if the failed to take action on reports, complaints, and witnessed evidence)
18-8-505 Perjury or false swearing - inconsistent statements
18-8-704 Intimidating a witness or victim  (recently happened in town with a 15 year old boy)
18-8-706 Retaliation against a witness or victim
18-8-802 Duty to report use of force by peace officers
18-9-106 Disorderly Conduct (this happens)
18-9-116 Throwing missiles and vehicles
18-18-203 Schedule I Narcotics
18-18-204 Schedule II  Narcotics
18-18-205 Schedule III Narcotics
18-18-206 Schedule IV Narcotics
18-18-207 Schedule V Narcotics
18-18-404 Unlawful use of a controlled substance
18-18-405 Unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, sale, or possession
18-18-410 Declaration of class 1 public nuisance  (you have to read this one)
18-18-412 Abusing toxic vapors - prohibited
18-18-426 Drug paraphernalia - definitions
18-18-428 Possession of drug paraphernalia - penalty


Community Policing The community and the police working together to reduce crime, using technology

If you have information you would like posted here please EMAIL me at  I will post the information.  If you prefer to remain anonymous I can accept that and will honor your request but, it does make your words a little more believable if you are willing to put your own name behind them.

This page is maintained by Deva B. Winblood.