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Well, this topic surely is gaining a lot of attention recently. It is due to the wonders of this in fact that it does not matter where you live. You can get EVERYTHING for a good price through the internet. In fact you can also sell things you might want to part with at online auctions and it is almost like having a virtual garage sale. I will only list great sites here and sites that are recommended to me by users of the WWW Quick Start page. If you know a great site that has attracted your attention time and time again please feel free to EMAIL ME and let me know.

eBAY: This is the 2nd most trafficed web site on the internet. There is a good reason too. It has auctions for almost every manner of thing going on at any time. It is fairly easy to use and it is a good place to visit to sell items you no longer need or are willing to part with if you need the extra money. There are typically more than 1 million auctions going at any given point. If you are interested in using ebay you can also view the page on HOW TO USE EBAY that I created to provide you with some pointers I discovered during my own months of usage. This site is worth a look by everyone. You can SAVE and MAKE a lot of money with this site.

AMAZON.COM: Is an absolutely wonderful site as many of you may have already learned. It offers a HUGE selection of books, movies, music, and more with some unique qualities that make it a great place to go. This place has more inventory than the TATTERED COVER. The biggest thing I found about it that keeps drawing me back again and again is this. Each book has the covers of the books typed in and notes from the publisher. However, unlike a traditional store you walk into it also offers reviews that other readers put in there. This can save you from being suckered into buying a poor quality book by particularly gifted copy writers. YOU can also leave your own reviews for other people. The prices are good too. This is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful online stores on the net so far.

eToys: This is a VERY LARGE online Toy store where you can buy almost every toy you can think of. It has a lot of online information and a very large inventory. It even has the ability to enable a user to make a WISH LIST.

Chips & Bits: This store does not have the most competitive stores for software but, it does have an extremely large selection of COMPUTER GAMES. One of the really nice things about it is the ability to PREORDER that upcoming game you have been awaiting and have it shipped to you as soon as the manufacturer releases it.

Ameritrade: $8 per trade in stocks makes this a no brainer for people who have spent a lot of money with a broker only to pay more if they make any money. I am no stock expert but, this site offers the lowest fee per trade of any trading company I know. eTrade is also popular but, has a slightly higher fee per trade.

CDNow: Is a nice music online shopping site with a very large online music inventory. They have hard to find music too. I have found that I can often find things here that I could not find at Amazon.

OUTPOST.COM: This place does not have the lowest prices but, they do have reasonable shipping and a large variety of inventory. You can find just about anything that you want for your computer here. However, it is recommended you email me at Future Wave Computer Solutions as I may have the item in stock or can guarantee getting the item for a better price if you like. However, can ship the item faster than I can. My turn around will typically be two weeks for a good price unless you want to pay extra to have rapid shipment.

JcPenney & SEARS: The mega catalog companies and outlets. These two stores have been household names for a long time. I put them in here to aid you in placing orders that you customarilly may place over the telephone.

DRUGSTORE.COM: This site was recommended by a surfer. You can get pretty much any prescription or item you would need from a drugstore at this site.

AllAdvantage: This site claims to be gearing up to pay you $0.50/hour you surf and even a little for people you refer to them. The have a cap of 40 hours for yourself ($20/month). They have not completed everything in setup yet but, I did read the FAQ at their site and it is possible to cancel your membership with them, they do not give out your name, and it has the potential to pay enough to cover your internet access costs or even better if you refer people. It is on a first come first serve basis. Normally, I would try it for a month and put it up here if it actually works but, in this case since it is first come first serve I am putting it out here now. Those of you interested in trying it out should do so while you still can. :)

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