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An increasing number of people have begun to contact us about creating custom CDs.  The web page that we had up to cover this topic was not current.  In fact it is over two years old.   To this end we are creating this new page to bring the concept/service current and provide you with all the information you might need.


  1. We do not condone piracy.  To this end we require that originals of the audio CDs, Cassettes, or other media be supplied.  We will make you custom MIX CDs from these originals but, we do require them as proof that you do indeed own the material.
  2. If the material being mixed is copyrighted material then we will limit the amount of copies of the final mix we will make to two.  After all, it is okay for you the owner to have a mix of your own CDs and people do this quite often.  It is another thing all together to mass produce these CDs.
  3. A list of the order and items you would like on your CD.
  4. IF you are contacting us to master your CD from audio cassette or other media and would like us to create a CD from you then we will be happy to make as many copies as you would like.


  1. You must own the rights to the data and supply it on floppy diskette, make it downloadable by us, provide it on 100MB ZIP diskettes, or provide CD-Rs/RWs with the data you want on them.
  2. You can specify how you would like the disk created.  We make bootable CDs as well.
  3. Contact us for more details on this.


  1. Some people now prefer to listen to MP3s instead of CDs.  If you wish to have a custom CD full of MP3s compiled for you then you must meet the conditions stated in the AUDIO CD conditions above.
  2. Depending on the size of the CD-R you typically can expect to get twelve (12) times as many songs on an MP3 CD.  This varies depending on the size of the songs, and the sampling rate used when creating the MP3s.

MIXED MODE CD CONDITIONS: It is possible you may want a mixed mode CD that has both DATA (such as photos), and audio on it.  See the conditions of both types of CDs above they still apply.  If you want photos on the CD you can ship them with the other media and we will scan and return them or you can get the photos to us via the internet or other means.


Blank CD-R 74Minute 640MB (unless you supply your own) $0.60 per CD
Blank CD-R 80Minute 700MB (unless you supply your own) $0.80 per CD
CD Case (if requested) $0.50 per case
Cost to extract songs from CD and then master a mixed CD for you $2 per song
Cost to extract songs from Audio Cassette and then master them onto CD $4 per song
Cost to make a custom DATA CD $10 + $0.05 per MB
Cost to extract songs from CDs, convert them to MP3s, and put them on CD $3 per song
Cost to make a CD bootable (specify the OS to boot may need to supply boot disk) $10
Make duplicates of a custom CD (please review the conditions above) $2 per duplicate
Return Shipping (we ship it back to you whichever means you wish to pay for) You pay the actual cost to ship the item

If you have questions feel free to contact us by emailing or calling (970)944-0214.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: It is a fairly involving process to do this so, we do have a minimum order requirement.  The minimum cost for our service is $30. For the amount of work involved this is a very good price.  NOTE: If you are wanting a large quantity of duplicates please contact us as we will be willing to bid on a better price.

GUARANTEE: If you send us media we guarantee it will be returned to you in the same condition it was received.  We are not responsible for damage due to mailing.  It is recommended you insure your package and provide sufficient return shipping for us to also insure it for you when we return it.


A typical audio CD mix made from original CDs can be shipped to you within 24 hours of receiving the material.

All other CDs which may require additional processing or must be translated from a different source such as AUDIO CASSETTES will typically also be shipped within 24 hours but, you will need to discuss it with us so we can give you a more accurate estimate.