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Computer Technical Assistance Resource
Windows 98/95/9x

This page will focus on informational pages designed here as well as links to other pages that may help you.

Ask Jeeves!
Maintaining your PC The Registry CNET Help Games Reviews
Web Kit Common Problems Drivers Game tools
Survival Kit Uncommon Problems Hard 2 Find Anti-Virus/Virus
Technicians' Kit Updates Networking Emulation

Explaining the Categories

Maintaining your PC Some things ALL PC users should know to keep their machine working.
Web Kit Some links to some great software for use on the web. Winzip, ICQ, etc.
Survival Kit Some tools that are good to have for your PC.  Organize your kit.
Technicians' Kit Things to compile and have ready for those house calls.
The Registry A very powerful and often dangerous part of Windows 9x.
Common Problems Links to help pages and some very common problems and solutions.
Uncommon Problems Some solutions to some elusive problems across the internet.
Updates Links to useful Windows 9x updates and products directly related.
CNET Help A link to C-NET's Help page.
Drivers Links to many great driver sites.
Hard 2 Find Hard to find drivers that we found after looking around for awhile.
Networking How to set up a Windows 9x network for games, internet sharing, etc.
Game Reviews Links to Windows 9x game review sites, fan sites, and more.
Game Tools Links to things every game player should have in their bag of tricks.
Anti-Virus/Virus Links to Anti-Virus and Virus related products and information.
Emulation Links to emulation tools for Windows 9x.  Atari 2600, Coleco vision, etc.

If none of these links offer you what you need there are also some VERY good books that address many of these topics.  These books have either been read and utilized by me personally or come highly recommended by respected individuals in the field.