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Computer Technical Assistance Resource

This page has been designed to help all of those with the inclination or desire to repair, maintain, or update computers with information, articles, and links to relevant sites on the net that have high quality information.  The image content will be kept to a minimum to insure swift page loads.

Ask Jeeves!
Programming Windows 98/95/9x Windows NT LINUX
Parts & Components Software Games & Tweaks DOS
Computer Consulting Web Mastering FreeBSD Reviews
Creating an ISP Web Hosting MP3s MIDI & Music Emulation

Explaining the Categories

Programming Links to programming resources in JAVA, C, C++, and Visual Basic.
Windows 98/95/9x Windows 98 and Windows 95 troubleshooting, maintenance, and more.
Windows NT Windows NT troubleshooting, maintenance, and more.
LINUX LINUX links to troubleshooting, downloads, and more.
Parts & Components Sources for buying parts online for low cost, drivers, and more.
Software Sources for downloading large amounts of software both free and shareware.
Games & Tweaks Sources for downloading game updates, and performance tweaks.
DOS DOS related tips, help, links, and more.
Computer Consulting Resources handy to the computer consultant such as a field kit and more.
Web Mastering Designing a web page, how-tos, links, and much more.
FreeBSD FreeBSD links and information.
Reviews Great hardware and software review sites.
Creating an ISP Information and links to great sites for creating your own ISP.
Web Hosting Many sites for hosting your web page.
MP3s MIDI & Music Free music, music players, editors, composing software, MODs, and more.
Emulation Emulate every computer and platform by following these links.

If none of these links offer you what you need there are also some VERY good books that address many of these topics.  These books have either been read and utilized by me personally or come highly recommended by respected individuals in the field.