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$40 / Screen (up to 4 hours work per screen)*
INCLUDES: Text, pictures, some logos,
roll over effects, links to other sites, and...
Submission to top 10 search engines with a follow up over the next month to improve rankings.
Detailed statistics using free services.

Maintenance is in the form of various updates.
For purposes of this document this is how updates will be classified.
CLASS A: Changing pictures, sounds, text, and possibly everything. Check Search engines and resubmit if need be.
CLASS B: Changing a few pictures, and possibly some text but, not a complete redesign.
CLASS C: Changing some text.  If this is a LARGE quantity of text this will be Class B.

Prices are the cost of making the change per screen changed.

Frequency of change Class A Class B Class C
Daily Change $20 $15 $5
Bi-Weekly Change $25 $20 $10
Weekly Change $28 $24 $18
Bi-Monthly Change $30 $28 $20
Monthly Change $35 $30 $22
Bi-annual Change $40 $35 $25


*NOTE: A screen as described in here should be no bigger than two vertical 800x600 screens.  If it is more lengthy than that please divide the number of screens scrolled down by two and that is the actual number of screens to be billed.

We utilize whatever hosting method most fits your needs.  This can be from FREE hosting to monthly fees depending on what features you would like on your web page.  These hosting fees will be based upon whatever the costs of the actual hosts are.  For example: This web page is hosted on a FREE service at WWW.TRIPOD.COM.  There are others ranging from $7.95/month and up that offer advanced features.

In addition many people want a DOMAIN NAME or in other words a DOT COM address.  These addresses can be registered at WWW.NETWORKSOLUTIONS.COM and they charge $35/year for registration.

In order for your page to work best for you it is important for you to work on an idea of what you would like for a web page.  This is especially important if you are in a specialized business that uses specific jargon and has specific information that is needed.  When you consult with us prior to designing your page this information can VASTLY help to improve how well received your web page is.   We will work as a team to develop your web presence.  For example see this page that we designed and hosted on a free site at 

Are you interested?

If you are interested in discussing web design with us please email us at
or call (970)944-0214

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