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Quote Request Form

Answer all the questions as best you can and this information will be emailed to me.  I will respond with a quote via email, or telephone as quickly as possible.

Please provide the following contact information:

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What types of services do you need a quote on? Select as many as apply:

Web Page Design                              Web Page Maintenance (existing page)         Web Page Promotion (Search Engines &         Keywords)                                  
Web Page Consulting (give tips to you)       Upgrade a machine                            Repair a machine                             Bid on a contract to support your computers
Purchase software                            Purchase Hardware parts                      Custom Programming                           Custom Computer Building (price quote)     
Training - Web Page Design                   Training - Microsoft Excel                   Training - Microsoft Windows 95/98/98SE      Training - Internet                        
Training - Quickbooks                        CD - Custom CD design (audio)                CD - Custom CD design (data)                 CD - Custom CD design (mixed mode)         
CD - Custom CD design (backup system)        Reimage system from scratch                  Simple system cleaning and maintenance       Virus scan                                 
Install hardware, software                   Other - not listed                           

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